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Need Tips? – lack of skills? – not at all!

Need Tips?

Sabine’s Tips – Free Advice for Everybody

Maybe you have dreamt of starting stretching, gymnastics or dancing and there is no gym or dance school around?

Maybe you or your children wanted to start with sports or music, but you can’t afford the lessons?

There can be numerous obstacles that stop you from doing what you would love to do or made you stop despite your love and passion.

My philosophy is not only, that everybody IS able to do creative and sportive things, but also SHOULD be able to do so. That’s why I came up with „Sabine’s Tips“.

Sabine’s Tips – What is that???

Sabine’s Tips is a service that should enable everybody to do what he/she is dreaming of, no matter, what geographic, economic or personal situation they are in.

This service is completely free and you can send me your questions about all the topics I offer coaching and advice.

Is it really free?

Yes. I won’t charge you any of this services, no matter, if it was a short question or we had some e-mail or skype conversation.

But if you liked the work I am doing or want to support this idea and you DO have some money left, you can donate at …………

Donations will help me to continue to offer „Sabine’s Tips“ for everybody and bring a little bit of social justice to this world.

How does it work?

Examples for the use of Sabines Tips:




Need stretching tips?

Need gymnastics tips?

Need dance/classical ballet tips?

Need music/recorder/flute/clarinet/piano/guitar/vocal tips?